lan network broadcasts not working

Thanks for the excellent firewall which I have been using for sometime. However, I have one problem which is accessing music broadcasts originating from another PC on the lan. I have searched every post on the forum and tried all the methods suggested but am unable to access the stream when i turn on the network monitor. Any suggestions.

Thanks again for the great firewall and keep up the great work.


(L) Manoj (V)

Not that i understand the rule settings fully yet, whoever does know however would like to what ports or/ and What program you are using?

cheers, rotty

Thanks for responding, Rotty.

I use a program called tonecast receiver and it uses port 30000 bot for tcp and UDP. The UDP broadcasts are not coming through the network monitor. I have set the rule to allow tcp/udp in/out from the locan lan which has been set as the safe zone.

I do see the log which shows that there is a blck of the udp on port 30000 . It says “blocked by protocol analysis (fake or malformed UDP packet)”.

How do I overcome that?

Would like some help here.

Thanks in advance

Manoj (:WAV)

Try turning of the “Protocol Analysis” part in COMODO, if you can’t find it, then hopefully someone with the firewall in front of them can post instructions.

cheers, rotty

I have solved my problem by going to the “advanced attack detection and prevention” under advanced security configuration. I unticked the “do protocol analysis” and the “Block fragmented IP datagrams” under the miscellaneous tab. I suppose the broadcasts are creating havoc there. Would be nice to have this protection in place and yet allow these broadcasts.

Hope this is of use to others who need it.



P.S. Rotty, I saw your post after I did this. Thanks a zillion, anyway. (:CLP)