LAN issues

I’m new here to the Comodo Forum, but not new to Comodo. Love the products, keep up the great work.

On my desktop I have several products that have done an awesome job at protecting my computer. I have Comodo Firewall, Boclean, and Antivirus which run continuously. I have a DSL connection to the internet and occasionally if I’m viewing a page that has a lot of stuff to load on it, or if I jump from one busy page to another, I’ll lose my internet connection. My only solution to get back online is to restart my computer. I have spoken with my ISP which told me that it must be one of my antiviruses or something that keeps bumping me offline. I’ve been dealing with the occasional rebooting for a while now, but I just bought a laptop (starting school next week) and am trying to go wireless and that’s just not happening. I’m wondering which of my awesome anti-wares is causing the problem and how to fix it.

Another thing I’m wondering is what anti-wares I should put on my laptop b/c I believe I saw that comodo is only for desktops…??? Any help offered on either of these dilemas/questoins would be greatly greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance. =)

I am sorry for the late response.

CAVS 2 is BETA, Uninstall it & Install Avast! pls. Now Google WinSock (If your on XP) and See if that helps…

Sorry for the lack off information, I am incredibly tired :-\


:’( Well, that didn’t help matters. I got rid of Comodo antivirus and went with Avast! free version and I thought it was helping, it was good for a day, but I just got bumped offline again, and my computer doesn’t even tell me when it does it anymore like it used to. Could it be my firewall settings, or my firewall in general?? It is comodo firewall pro. All I know is that this is irritating as can be!!! Please help!!

In case there is anybody out there that is reading this or that could help me… almost every time my computer goes to sleep, when I wake it, the connection has been lost. Is there anybody there? Thanks. =)

Well then, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

That’s new to me. A virus maybe, but anti-virus? Unless it has a web guard/shield, I don’t really see how an AV can kill your or touch your internet connection.

So rebooting your computer keeps your connection active a while? What about power cycling your modem/router?

? How does having a different hardware or type of computer have any relation to a Comodo program? Unless it’s an unsupported OS like a Mac for example…