LAN Internet Connection Problem

I’ve had problems getting Comodo to allow my other PC to connect to the internet through this PC (2 pc’s hooked up via lan cable, 1 pc has the modem connected, 1 doesn’t.) I have to always disable Comodo to allow the other pc access.

Please help


Running the Network Wizard should hopefully clear up your issue.

Go to Security/Tasks/Define a New Trusted Network (lower left). Follow the prompts to set up and include your computers. When finished, reboot.

See if that resolves the problem for you,


I have the same problem, but your answer don’t work.

What are the problem?



Questions for you:

What version of CPF do you have?

When you installed, did you choose “Automatic”?

Have you made any changes to any of the Network Control Rules that CPF created by default, or with the Network Wizard?

Have you added any Network Rules manually?

If you go to Activity/Logs, do you see anything being blocked?



Yes, when I installed, I choosed “sutomatic”. I don’t made modifications in the rules, but I created a new rules for emule’s ports.
I have choose “define a new trusted network” some times. My log screen it’s empty, I don’t know why.




Will you please post a screen shot of your network rules…

That will help give a better idea of what’s going on.



This is my network rules screenshot. I have one pc and one notebook. In my notebook the lan it’s ok, but my pc don’t appears in the lan.

Thanks for your help,


Balterra, thanks for the rules screenshot. I see quite a mess there! :smiley: Those are very different from the default rules, plus rules created by the Network Wizard, and you do not have a block rule at the bottom, which is not good.

Here’s a link to a post by m0ng0d, for the current default rules. He has also added the rules that would be present for a LAN. CPF NCR .

And here’s a post by Ubuntu, with p2p rules for emule: P2P NCR

I highly recommend reading the entire initial post by m0ng0d to get an understanding of how the Network Control Rules work.

Two more questions and a suggestion…

Do you currently have CPF on both computers?

Is your PC the one through which you are connecting to the internet?

Here’s my suggestion, given how far off your current rules are from what they need to be: Uninstall CPF (on both computers, if it’s currently on both). Reboot, and do an Automatic reinstall - do not choose a “Manual/Advanced” installation. I would reinstall first on the computer that is connecting to the internet, to make sure that’s good; get it set up before doing the other (for which I would recommend using the PC, rather than the laptop). The idea here is to start with a completely clean slate, and get the rules right from the beginning.

Do not change any rules that CPF creates. Your computer will be able to connect, and will be secure.

Go to Security/Tasks/Define a New Trusted Network (lower left), with both computers on and connected. Follow the prompts. Reboot when finished.

Go to Security/Tasks/Scan for Known Applications (lower right). Follow the prompts. Reboot when finished.

If you go to the Network Monitor, you will see the rules as defined in m0ng0d’s post (from the first link I gave you, above). The two rules to connect your two computers should be the top two rules.

Now you can go to the third rule in the list (which is actually Rule ID 2), right click, and select “Add”/“Add After”. You will put in the eMule rules as defined in Ubuntu’s post (from the second link I gave you, above).

At this point, go to Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous, and “check” the two boxes for “Skip loopback connections… UDP/TCP”.

Then follow these steps exactly for the other computer. If you go through these step by step, it should resolve this problem. Depending on how you set up eMule, you may need to do some tweaking to get the full capabilities (this may be partially in eMule, partially in CPF).

When you are finished, you will network rules in both computers, which should be a total of 9 (nine) rules (as compared to your 22 current rules).


PS: Please note that Network Rules filter from the top down, so your Block rule should be at the bottom only.

Thanks for your help.

I re-install the firewall on the 2 pc’s, and only I created the emule’s rules, and now all it’s ok (the lan too).

I wish that this firewall don’t give more problems, because it like me.

Thanks for your help one more time.


That is great news, Balterra! I’m glad that worked the way it’s supposed to. (:CLP)