"LAN" editing of xp registry

I don’t want to hack anyone, i am only updating my multiboot repair usb stick (booting Ms Dos, a Network Dos version, Puppy, and BartPe, each with several applications).

That makes a lot of tools, but there’s a big flaw on the BartPe side; of course, my xp remote registry service is disabled, but when i boot the stick, regedit launches the local registry (BartPe) not the one of the xp partition supposedly corrupted: do you know of any utility/software doing the job?

If someone is interested by this issue, i answer myself, as very often in this kind of situation.

Manual intervention is enough, as illustrated in the following link (in French language, but the pictures showing how to load temporarily the appropriate hive under also a temporary name are self-speaking):


If wanting to do the same from a gui interface, UCBD4WIN (which is only an extrapolation of BartPE as far as this part of it is concerned) uses RegBrws, a freeware from Security Friday: