LAN Connections

Hi. I know that I am missing something here but, Is there a way to allow access to LAN Computers 100% of the time? Everytime I want to share a file, between one of my Local machines, I have to take the firewall down or hope that its allowing connections today. What I mean by that last comment is that sometimes I can get a connection, most of the time I cannot. Its random and changes without my intervention.

Is there any easy way to allow Local machines to access my shared and for me to access theirs, or do I always have to close the firewall when its in a bad mood?

Trusted Zones? Yeah, that doesn’t work either. Or maybe they are and thats why 2% of my network access attempts do work. 2% isn’t enough though.

Yep, a Trusted Zone that includes all your PCs LAN IPs & your router LAN IP (if you have such a thing) should have fixed this. Since it didn’t, double check that Zone to make sure it does contain all the LAN IPs it should have & also check CFPs Log (Activity tab - Log). If CFP is blocking something then, by default, it reports it in that log.

PS When CFP gets in a bad mood… you usually loose the whole internet. :wink:

PPS! ;D Check the Network Monitor rules to make sure you’ve used the Zone correctly (rule position, traffic direction, protocols, etc…).