Lagging when playing online!!!

Hi guys.

Today it was the first time i tried out the firewall for online gaming.
And i’m playing Counter-strike 1.6 also known as CS :o)

But i do lag pretty much unfortunately, and it’s really annoying since i cannot play pretty well when i’m lagging.
And i usually don’t lag AT ALL when playing CS.

And i have added Steam and CS in the firewall and D+, as TRUSTED APPLICATIONS.
So they will have full access to the Net. But i do lag anyway.

I can say that I did trial KIS 7.0 1½ years ago and i did experience lag with that version.

And this year before i started to use CIS did i trial KIS 2008 with NO LAG AT ALL.
Wich means that kaspersky have done some changes to their FW since the lag is gone in the 2008 version.

Maybe you at COMODO could take a look at this as well and maybe find out what causes that the flow isen’t great through the firewall even if i run the applications as trusted in both the Firewall and D+ ???

Or if you know a solution please tell me? :THNK

Thanks, J_G

Hey J_G, I play battlefield 2 alot and do not notice lag at all. I think your actually one of the first people to come on complaining about lagging 88)

Anyway, Let’s look into things… Is there anything in your firewall events?
Comodo → Firewall → Events

You could try disabling the firewall while playing see if that makes a difference.
Also… What other applications are you running? May be a conflict or something, It may be the gaming server thats lagging… a variety of things… lets start knocking them out, The game server could be lagging, could you try another server in your country\wait a day or 2 and see if it picks up. It could even be your ISP

I also played some CS under the firewall. I had the firewall in training mode first time I played, and after it has been all good. But if you do this you are all defense less while playing the first time…

Do you have the needed ports opened in CIS?

Hi everyone and thanks for responding to all of you!

EricJH: IDK wich specific ports that you mean that i have to open unfortunately.

I do run Steam, and HL.exe as trused applications so they have FULL access to the NET.
Meaning" Allow all outgoing and incoming requests " so they uses wich ports as the want.

That’s how i have configuerd the access when i played CS while i used ESS as well.
But since ESS did get so bad test results, i change to CIS and I am VERY happy as everyone else here, except the little Lag issue though.

Kyle: No porblem with my ISP i have been using them for over 10 years with 8mbit adsl connection.
And i usually as i said NEVER lag, it only happens when i try out a new firewall for example and some works better and some works less good. And unfortunately CFP seem to work less good, but i hope that i can solve the lag issue since me and manymore loves the firewall. And it’s NO slow downs when browsing at all, it’s only while playing CS.

Thanks for the answers!
Cheers, J_G

Make sure that you can access all the new ports that Steam needs through your firewall.
The following ports must be "open"in Global Firewall rules:

UDP 1200 UDP 27000 to 27015 inclusive

TCP 27030 to 27039 inclusive

It is not enough to allow in/out in application rules alone:

Firewall reads rules : Outgoing packets - Application rules - Global rules
Incoming packets - Global rules - Application rules

So its like with p2p apps the way you are now you can only connect with machines that you
initiate with. So slow downloads or game lags. You are only half arsed connectible.
Double check the ports you need in game help or FAQ.

As with all p2p and gaming you assume the security risk of open ports.

PS. If you are behind a router you must also open/forward the same ports in there.