Lacking download & installation progression notifications, too cryptic.

Just now downloaded and installed version 18.0.3.
Smooth, but NOT ENOUGH notification about progression of the download or of the installing.

First, I tried to prepare as a possible way to eliminate some unknown problems. Turned OFF Incognito mode, restarted browser, and then disabled all extensions.

Found the announcement in browser (version 17.5…) saying new update is available; I clicked the Download button; browser closed and only my desktop screen was on display. No other notifications. No other messages. After 6 minutes, still nothing happening. No screens opening, no windows or announcements opening. WHY NO FEEDBACK INFORMATION TO ME, THE USER?

So after these 6 or so minutes, I freshly opened Comodo Dragon (still version 17.5,) and after a few seconds, the browser displayed an orange/golden rectangle at top saying the download is ready to be installed, so I clicked the Relaunch & Install button. The browser then simply closed, and only my desktop screen was on display. Once in a while, an hour-glass mouse pointer figure would flash on and off. NOT OTHER MESSAGES, just an ordinary desktop screen. No announcements, no dialogs. No message saying “Preparing… whatever”. No installer window to click on and make selections for. After about 5, or 6, or so minutes, the CD desktop icon blinked; nothing else. After another minute, I decided, maybe something might have been happening, who knew what.

I doubleclicked the desktop CD icon and Comodo Dragon opened (and now, in ‘regular’ mode, not the incognito, since at least, I turned that off earlier.) When I opened the C D button menu to “About Comodo Dragon”, I could see documented the version is now GOOD!

Now, I must ask:
WHY SUCH LACKING FEEDBACK TO THE USER? (Yes, I am shouting, hoping someone will ‘hear’ this.)
When things disappear on screen and no progression messages show, I figure something is wrong. I get frustrated, and then try to redo things, since no messages are telling me what is happening nor what to expect. I thought we were supposed to see a new installer open as seemed to be typical, and we would choose an over-the-top update installation.
This installation and download, I tried to be very, very, very patient, and so far, even with the cryptic processes, the install seems to have succeeded. I’ll know more as I use the updated browser.

System: updated from v17.5 to v18.0.3.0, Windows XP s.p. 3, 2.0 GHz Intel Celeron processor, C D Browser temporarily in regular(non-private) mode, all installed extensions disabled.

A progression window or at least a download meter could be a handy addition, especially if someone has slow speed connection.
Maybe something for the wishlist.

Updates do appear to be faulting in incognito mode. If you or anyone else that has had this issue feels like it you could post a bug report. If you proceed with a bug report please follow the bug report [b]guidelines[/b] found [url=]here[/url]. Bug reports [url=]here[/url]. Thank you.