Lack of Response from Technical or Developers

Dear Sir,
I have sent two queries to your company regarding serious problems with the software. I have received auto responses but no further communication. I have tried to follow up by sending requests for more information but with no response. If you are serious about becoming a “player” in this arena this must be addressed.

Then why not post your problem here so we can resolve it here and now? :wink:

Anti spam blocks mail from my own domain. Despite telling it many times to allow sender or domain it still blocks them

Anti virus does not certify incoming or outgoing mail


Can you move this to the appropriate forum so that he has a better chance of resolution?

Did you register, as per the autoresponse from the ticketing system?

Once registered you can then send support requests.

If you did this, what is the ticket number…I can then see where it is in the system.

PLEASE NOTE: The forum is not where requests for support from the support team are handled.

I would use the proper reporting method if I didn’t get the “ERROR: Invalid Verification Image Code” every time I’ve tried to register. I’ve not been able to register using IE6, IE7 or Firefox on Windows XP.

rgreene501: Sorry to hear that. I’ve personally tested the support pages with IE 6 and FF (on XP), and have not had any reports from users not being able to register on the support site. Seems as if there is something strange going on - can you PM me with some screen shots so that we can further investigate, pls?

In the mean time, also note that you can submit a ticket on the support site without registering if need be, but you will not be able to view your ticket history online.


Yes I did

BKY-302353 & VUK-681575

and I am aware that the support team do not handle requests here. My post was to Melih’s corner originally to make him aware that I had not had a response to two support tickets.

You say you need our help - then ignore us. Why ?

I have had 2 support tickets issued without response.
If you really don’t want to offer support - just don’t. That would be much better than me wasting my time filling out your support requests, following up with further information and then posting the ticket numbers here - as requested - only for them to still be ignored.

I for one will not be continuing with your software. I wish you all the best in this venture but you will fail if you do not sort yourselves out and deliver what you are offering.

Yours -


I think this is an unfair generalisation of Comodo support.

I appreciate that you might not have any response. I would be more than interested in finding out why as I am sure this is not the way our support handle their work.



Support answered both of your emails and let you know that we have sent the issue to our developers.

As yet there is no timeframe to resolve the issue you have experienced, however they are working on it.


At the moment, I’m only using the firewall. I’ve used the antispam, but it didn’t work properly ( no remove emailaccount option, freezed when reporting spam…)
I’ve also tried to use the antivirus prog, but it freezed while trying to scan or update…

It seems the developers are very great people, while offering this free soft, but it would be great if the solutions on questions from users would come faster.

Greetz JP