Label chrome the right way!

I belive Google Chrome should be labeled as a spyware by CAVS (:HUG) (:TNG)

Since it is. It got the key monitoring it got the remote sending it got the intrusion of your privacy

What do you think?

AFAIK autosuggest was a feature already available in Google toolbar for a long time and I didn’t see anyone complain thus far. :-\

Privacy savvy users also complained about gmail Privacy policy but this didn’t prevent gmail to be widely used worldwide.

Privacy related issues and the implication of trade-offs between privacy and 3rd party services are a controversial topic without any simple solution.

Search engines are nothing less…

Technology and business ethics often wander the borderline of legitimate compromises in spite of how some services are implicitly acknowleded as public utilities.

Yes you are correct about privacy stuff and gmail being widley used, and google toolbar.
People don’t seems to care for privacy anymore.

Anyway I see your point and I guess Iam just bored and wanted to start a debate over something. (:TNG)

I just think they should handle it in a more anonymous way, store it along with the Internet Protocol address of the computer that typed it is something you should get info about.

Google inform about the privacy part badly I think (somewhere in many-many pages of text). The thing is, google has a big monopoly, google is the internet for the most people, its the only thing they know when they need info, they trust google with everything, google could very well kill the comodo company by putting bad reviews high when you search comodo and present the site in a bad way. Or could change an election or could change how people view the history by presenting false data, people buy it. The power they have over the information (as they deal out the info to most people) makes google a mighty company that needs to play it open and I think they should present a option to search more anonymous, and not put in monitor futures in all their applications.
Is that so much to ask? :-\

To my understanding such info could be legitimately handled as aggregated data and any info like IP should be discarded before any non strictly service-related purpose. I don’t know what actually Google or any other party does but indeed it looks like cnet claims Google plan to do otherwise.

Google representative told CNET News that the company plans to store about 2 percent of that data--and plans to store it along with the Internet Protocol address of the computer that typed it.

If Google will really do that or how much IPs would fit strictly service-related purposes scenarios that CNET News article IMHO isn’t enough to tell. :-\

They did

(Update 11:45 a.m. PDT: Switching to Chrome's Incognito mode also switches off the auto-suggest features, the Google representative said.)

Anyway considering the whole span of Google provided services which require authentication and seemingly increasing service convergence and integration, IPs would be the least of my concerns.

Whereas these issues don’t really pertain only Google but also other major players a well. :-X

Yep, Google is nor the first nor the last company that could trigger these questions whereas deregulation approach is mostly pervasive and leave to business logics and business ethics such aspects whereas worldwide legislative bodies often lags behind such innovation related pitfalls.

Well, I think you are right in a lot of that Endymion, I wrote my post in a hurry and didn’t really mean that I think CIS should lable Chrome as a spyware, even if its somewhat a malicious behavior, its still a wanted future of those using chrome.

Its said thou, google started up as a nice company, but is getting more and more intrusive, first it was the cookie spying, now its a browser that sends things you did not even search for.

I wish they change that, thou I know they won’t unless people start demanding it.

Anyway, I will not use chrome but those in like of it can very well use it. (:LOV) (:LOV)
Chrome will bring some positives with it too, Like IE stepping up their game… :slight_smile: :-TU

There are some Chromium forks popping around and some are intended to remove such features:

A quick search provided SRWare Iron : Google Chrome without privacy controversy and it is not unlikely that other variants will be developed.

Apart from technical and usability feats Chromium achieved there is one thing I miss the most, that is the ability to support addons or at least builtin ad-filtering features. :frowning:

" don’t be evil >:-D" says google, but I think Chrome was made not only to be a browser… I think it has been made as new channel to gather information… So no company can be >:-D except GOOGLE… :wink:

Google plans orbital mind control

ooh god. I really enjoyed reading that article, it is so funny!!! though the article brings a strong warning forward: beware of GOOGLE… Muahahahaha >:-D


don’t you agree sergey Brin looks evil >:-D in that picture… maybe that is his real face… (:WIN) (:LGH)

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