Kyle - Hitting 1000 posts :)

Hey guys… this post will me my 1000th :slight_smile:

I just want to thank you all, But mainly - Ganda, Commodus, Josh and Melih. You guys are more than just an aquiantence, I think of you as my friends.

What some of you won’t know is that I had a girlfriend for about 5 months (we broke up in about may\April this year) Anyway - The story was that I loved her, I really did - Cannot compare anything else to that feeling. For a week or so I noticed that something wasn’t quite right, So I asked her “What’s wrong?” She broke the news to me… to cut a long story short “I love someone else” Absoloutly tore me apart.

I was really depressed, I was causing self harm. I saw the couciler for a couple of months and he made me see life in different ways, told me that

“Life is full of it’s ups and downs, Like the waves and what makes a difference is how long it takes you to get back to the top of that wave”
I took his advice and thought “Life goes on”. I put some spark in my life, I took up shooting running and weights, Applied for the army and also - I joined these forums. I feel from this experience that I’ve become stronger Mentaly by looking at things in different lights and not just from the heart.

We all have our ■■■■ days, some worse than others. Just something that I would like people to think is that You never know what’s around the corner and what doors may open.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being an active family member on these forums- I feel that I’ve learnt alot and that I’ve met some great people.
Thank you, Everyone (:HUG)


That’s a good post. I was in your same situation with my ex-girlfriend, We went out for 5 months too and broke up March this year, Amazingly… (Don’t ask why) We went out 3 times in that 5 month period. She dumped me twice I dumped her once, But I learnt from that relationship.

Good to see you doing weights, I been doing that since beginning of this year, And with that I been doing Karate for 8 years and almost Expert. :slight_smile: It’s nice to see you move on, and it’s the right thing. And indeed some people here are more than acquaintances. Anyway sorry for going on about me… And cangrats on your 1000th post! I feel these forums are one of the best forums around, Where you will find it very easy to express negative & positive opinions, or personal if you really want to, So this ia great community for that IMO, You won’t see in other forums.

Keep your head up & its good to have you around!


Yeah, I much more value friends over lovers now. Sometimes I wish my best mate (Alex) was a girl. lol

That’s a bit to far. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah… I realize hey, You got a new girlfriend but your TRUE/CLOSE friends come 1st, Especially at our age and younger.

For the Adults… Yeah it’s good because your mature, etc. But You & I… Friends come first. :slight_smile: IMHO.


i thought you’re the one dumped her 88)

2-1 so basically you lose 88)

envy mode = on"

errrr you count how many times you broke up with someone? ;D
i’ll write in down on my “getting a date 101” notebook :stuck_out_tongue:

oh congrats btw (:HUG)

hmm, i think i’ll move this post somewhere just to remind you that i have power :-La

And I think I’ll move it back.


heeey >:( this is a confession related topic >:( and you already have a girlfriend. this is not fair >:(

It’s not a confession lol

It’s a mixture of that and him thanking everyone. ;D


Congrats on 1000 posts (wish I was there too)!!!

BTW, I don’t believe in getting Girlfriends early, because you can get really upset if you break up (I’ll wait til I’m older and have more experience ;)).

Thanks :slight_smile:

@jeremybost, Your not gonna get experience not having a girlfriend :stuck_out_tongue:

No, but I’ll see others. (:TNG)

And also when people are older, they may be a bit more loyal, or so I was taught.

Dear Kyle: I’m 65 yrs. old and have found that life persists and we go on regardless. I recently lost my youngest son. He was 40 yrs. old and I loved him without reservations nor conditions and I’m glad I did.
I was 17 when I lost my first love with whom I have a child which I’ve never seen. (Many regrets) Do not distance yourself from your ambitions though. A relationship with true meaning will come your way if you persist and pursue your values, this is factual if you believe that things happen for the best. Not all things will be to your liking/ nor what you want, but possibly what you need to expand your horizons. Live life to the fullest and appreciate what you have at the moment.
Skynard (Len)

Congratulations Kyle for completing your 1000 posts.

Guys, with all due respect, this post dates from October 10, 2008.



LOL thanks eXperience,

Kyle now has about 2500 posts. :slight_smile:

Sexy >:-D