Kudos for version 2.3

I have to say that the firewall version 2.3 has been excellent as far as my experience goes. I had previously installed version 2.2 and had some trouble with it, probably related to AVG Antivirus, as I learned later from reading this forum. 2.2 was uninstalled and ZoneAlarm put back in temporarily. 2.3 was installed yesterday and went in flawlessly. I didn’t have to do a single thing - most apps were recognized and my local network ran fine right away. I was somewhat shocked that everything went so well, almost thought something was suspicious.

This is on a Windows XP Home system, running AVG Antivirus, Windows Defender, Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird, and Open Office.

Thanks for such a great firewall (and the Backup program also, which has saved me a lot of work each week!)

Mack L.