Kudoes to Comodo Firewall Pro!

I’m running XP Sp2 with AVG Pro anti-virus, AdAware, Spybot S&D, WinDef, and CounterSpy and although I had a little problem getting the new version to install methinks it was my own fault for not reading the Help Forum for v3 thoroughly enough before I upgraded as I not only downloaded the upgrade but the patch as well. 88) :-[
It was weird in the fact that the install wizard never came up or maybe it was running behind the scenes and I didn’t know it as the wizard was there before I restarted my PC. I finally went to my downloaded files and happened/managed to finally click on the right file and suddenly I had CFP once again. ;D
It hasn’t given me one iota of trouble and this new version really rocks because I can now click on the help button or the, “What do these settings do?” question and it takes me to the help file without me having to do the workaround. ;D
There are several new operations that makes it easier for me to understand this new version as well. (L)

I thought maybe the folks who brings us these great tools for absolutely nothing would like to hear some positive feedback for a change. (R)

Thank you for those kind words, I’m sure they mean a lot to the developers and all the other Comodo staff that has helped to make this program a reality for us.