KSC Free problem with Comodo's virtualization

Hello everybody,
Just wanted to know if users of Kaspersky Security Cloud Free paired with Comodo FW have this problem.With KSC installed,my CFW doesn’t open anymore the virtual desktop and doesn’t work anymore if i want to run any browser in virtual mode.Not with the right-click mode nor within the Comodo’s UI…
With Kaspersky Free AV for example this issue does not happens,as a am using now a Macrium image with this combo.
Tried to disable one by one all the KSC’s modules but still nothing.All Comodo’s folders are already in the KSC’s exclusions.Any ideas please,thank you.

I was helped by a malwaretips forum member (thank you again Allego) with my issue.Dont know why KSC is messing with Comodos services,but the workaround is to start and set Comodo Virtual Service Manager to Delayed start.

For those of you interested in this matter…