Komodo IDE 6.0.3 build 59641

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Komodo IDE 6.0.3 build 59641
Includes keygen.
Some antivirus applications will report a false positive because of the keygen.
This is normal. The torrent is safe. I don 39;t upload bullfeces torrents…
Komodo IDE 6 39;s new Publishing NEW lets you work locally and sync to your remote server. The
Sections List, Go to Definition and Hyperlinks updated help you grok code faster. Quickly dig into
your website 39;s database with the Database Explorer NEW. Use the local and remote debuggers
supporting over a dozen languages and versions for nitty-gritty bug squashing. Work with every
source code control system under the sun. Use the acclaimed Rx Toolkit UPDATED to master regular
expressions. All of this is wrapped around a sweet core editor.

1 uninstall any anti virus you have on your pc or server then follow the readme.txt directions in
the download.

edit: URL removed by Mod. kail

Please don’t post keygens here.
Why would we need to uninstall any antivirus software?
This sounds suspicious.

I have put this I think is comodo software maybe the comodo team can sensured the link,

Komodo IDE is neither a Comodo product or a free one. We do not allow keygens or pirated software to be posted on the forums.

Komodo IDE: Komodo IDE By ActiveState - One IDE for All Your Languages

thanks kail.