Kodak EasyShare.exe cannot be submitted to Comodo

First post - amazing software by the way!!! (:CLP)

My only problem
EasyShare is a pain in the ■■■■ - it really does way too much with the system - I added it as a trusted application, but also tried to add Kodak to the ‘Trusted Vendors’ list and it will not apply due to a lack of a valid certificate. If I try to submit the EasyShare.exe and ptswia.exe to comodo, I get “The connection to the server was reset” every time. What do I need to do?


Hi judhere01. Welcome

How big are each executable? I think there’s a 15MB limit for each file that can be submitted.

Just put D+ in safe mode and be done with pending files. But when you submit them it helps the Comodo team increase the whitelist.

Hi judhere01

Whenever I get a large exe. file that will not submit to Comodo, I merely delete it from the pending files leaving the matching .dll files there. It seems to work well for me this way. I believe Soya is correct that there is a size limit for submission of files.


I guess it really is a network level issue because I just tested with a 172 MB file and this is the error:

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Hi Guys,
As of now on server side we have 10MB size limit per file.
We are going to increase it and update everyone here soon.



I think the file size limit should be included in the Submission window to let the user know. I don’t believe it’s even in the help file.