Known issues in 6.0

Our experience with CIS 6.0 is still limited, and we may not yet fully understand all the issues which have been reported. Therefore please don’t worry too much about posting already known issues. Just do a search of Format Verified Issues and if someone has already posted exactly the same bug please add a note plus any additional information or ideas you can provide to the topic. If you are not absolutely sure it’s the same bug please post a new bug report.

A full list will be created when the autoupdate release is issued, till then I’ll progressively add the issues that are being most widely experienced

File rating

[ol]- Some apps won’t run w/o BO exemptions - these are not obvious to users. Topic. No fix.

  • Adding a directory to trusted files adds all files in it - executable or not. No topic. No fix. [/ol]

Behavior Blocker

[ol]- Apps inc Office Starter that access MS Virtual drive may not work. Topic. Untested fix.

  • Unknown services not blocked tho ‘block all unknown requests’ is ticked. Topic. No fix.[/ol]

Sandbox and Kiosk

[ol]- Kiosk hangs on starting Topic. Topic. Topic. Topic. Partial fix.

  • Cannot print from some browsers using some drivers in Kiosk. Topic. No fix yet.[/ol]


[ol]- Cannot reliably block communication by hostname. Topic. Topic. No fix.


[ol]- ‘Ignore once’ does not work when malware is detected by real time scanner. Topic. No fix.[/ol]

Other and General

[ol]- Rules are not remembered by FW or HIPS on removable/network drives. Topic. Topic. . No complete fix.

  • Date format in CIS is taken from language not OS country settings. Topic. No fix.[/ol]

Recurring problems that are difficult for Comodo to permanently fix
1. Interaction with other security packages. Examples
2. Problems with updates on some computers. Example:
3. Performance issues on low powered computers. Examples

Updated to reflect version 6.0.x.2708 on 17 March 2013