Known applications wizard

I I have a dual boot system with windows xp SP2 on drive C: which is my brother’s, and Windows XP PRO on drive D: which is mine. I use comodo firewall and anti-virus on my drive D: but i have a problem with the known applications wizard, it automatically scans drive C: not drive D: . Does anybody know of a way i can get it to scan the drive on which it is installed ( which is D: ) and not the C: drive? I would be very grateful if somebody could help me out with this as this is the second time i have posted this problem.

Hi samw

This is known problem & it has been previously reported (happens to me as well). However, I am not currently aware of any workaround or solution to this this issue. Comodo are aware of it… but, that is all I know. The same issue also exists in the latest CFP beta.

I can only recommend that you go to Comodo Support, register on their system & raise a ticket on this issue.

Well, thanks for replying to my message anyway. It just surprises me to see this type of ‘fixed programming’ these days when there is a possibility that not everyone’s OS drive is C:, especially from an important program like a firewall. I hope the team get around to addressing this issue and save people like you and me from a lot of unecessary alert boxes.

Sorry, it is not exactly like that. The problem doesn’t effect all systems. Apparently, on most systems it does scan all the drives,