KMS activator + WIN8 cant find a solution


I am using your product many years now and with no problems till you had comodo firewall ceperately from the other suite. I was more than enough satisfied till win 8 came out.
Now i have as everyone i think the CIS suite in which i have only installed the firewall and prv dog i think excluding antivirus. My problem is . After a clean installation and activating win for testing purposes (i am a pc technician) KMS activator i can restart the pc without getting a blue screen. Since enterin safe mode in win8 is weird enough if undo-able fro me i have the following question
After the kms service i go to HIPS/Behaviour blocker and press exclusions near detect shellcode injections and there i exclude the folowing files

Folder: C:\Windows\AutoKMS
File: C:\Windows\AutoKMS\AutoKMS.exe

i dont have

Folder: C:\Windows\KMSServerService
File:C:\Windows\KMSServerService\KMS Server Service.exe

so i exlude only the first 2 and thats it. Next restart and blue screen the pc freezes and cant do anythging to comodo anymore not even right click and keeps that looping of freezin and restarting

I amn 100% its CIS and not any other program the problem casue i have disaled win firewall and defender

Is there any other place in CIS i have to go and make exclusions too?

Thank you in advance

PS Bottom line is each time i fail to let win activated have to install them again from scratch since it seems to be the only solution.
I managed to find a solution only with other firewall but i watn to use yours

Can you check the D+ logs to see if KMS activator gets sandboxed? If so move it from Unrecognised Files to Trusted Files. Also check if the AV is not flagging and quarantining it.

Hahah at last someone showed interest about my problem. Well the AV which is Avira dont block it in anyway else i would have problem with it.Its been 8 days now with Win Firewall and Defender also Essentials de activated and still workin, If i install comodo (firewall only + privdog) the next day ill restart the machine there goes the blue screen. So i need info about all the parameters i have to check before install it. I have only one change to set it right After the first restart and then format again since with motherboard efi+ssd no safe mode even by win 8 dvd.

Thank you

PS Also Auto sandboxed is disabled except as i have heard its the same as it would be activated and needs to be excluded by custom (the exe programs)

Does this also happen on a clean installation of Windows (without Avira or any other security program installed)?

But its an always clean installation. Even if i diint have Avira installed and install only Comodo i have only before the first restart time to modify it Then blue screen . It stops KMS and this violates something inside windows making it to report something like violation and cant do anything not even right clean and press refress . It stays frozen for 10 secsthen restart froaze restart ang goes on. I am pretty sure there are more than one places except injection intrusion that needs to be excluded in order to let KMs to work btu i dont know where do i have to place these exceptions

Thank you for confirming that’s what I thought I understood. That means this is a bug. So, if you have the time and energy please consider filing a bug report in the Bug Reports - CIS board following the format as described in Required Format For Reporting Bugs.

Reporting of bugs is strictly moderated to make sure Comodo gets clear bug reports. So, please make sure you closely follow protocol. That way your report will certainly be seen by Comodo staff.