KIS 2011 vs. CIS 4.1

1 KIS 2011 vs. Comodo 4.1 Part 1 of 2 - YouTube

2 KIS 2011 vs. Comodo 4.1 Part 2 of 2 - YouTube


I think have he set comodo to high heur scan?

no everything was set to stock.

I dont know stocj

But the best security are on high heur :slight_smile:

It’s not the pop-ups during malware that is bothersome, it’s the popups for clean apps that bug me, as testing with any other AV would consider it a false positive.

Today I tried it again on a different PC, and after installation I opened up all the short cuts on my desk top. Got about 15 popups for clean, mostly well known programs. Dropbox was supposed to be fixed a few days ago, and is still coming up. Nice video though.

I mark them falsk positiv

I have submitted a buttload of safe progs via this method. Not sure if they get sent off to comodo or not.

Great reviews. I thought the comparison was done very fairly.

However, you did become a bit preachy at the end. :a0 Well done though.

I can’t find the post, but I could have sworn Melih or Eggman said the Dropbox and Hitman were fixed(to not cause popups anymore), but they are still coming up for me. And yes, I checked to make sure I have the latest build. :slight_smile:

I remember a post saying it was going to be fixed soon, but I don’t believe they ever said it was already fixed.

Ignoring the popup issue, these videos surprise me how much the AV component catches. I always read how bad the AV part of CIS is, yet it seems to catch a lot of stuff others miss. :-TU

I did that because one person in particular at another forums keeps saying how KIS or NIS ( if you are a mod you know about NIS and me) protects you just as good as comodo with no popups. I just proved him wrong, but now I am sure he will say “well it was not a released product” and this and that. But it is just not everywhere, on some websites you can get the 2011 version right now.

check out the videos again, guess who is there bit ching. 88)

Is he saying you should have downloaded the malware and then specifically chosen to run it in some sort of safe mode? If so that doesn’t make sense.

You ran them in stock configuration and only answered any popups that, well, popped up automatically. ;D

That being said I’m surprised you didn’t get any popups from their HIPS. I thought it was supposed to be pretty good. :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s an idiot. He doesn’t even realize that Kaspersky’s HIPS is what should have protected from those infections, yet the HIPS allowed them to get through.

They are not that good, and thiir signatures are even worse. They jsut keep adding more and more ■■■■ to KIS without making it anymore secure.

But you see how it is, if I right clicked and ran in sandbox everything for comodo he would bitch about that. He would say it should do it automatically, well it does and his favorite software failed. I also did a test for me against NIS and CIS and I got a trojan to bypass, a rogue , rootkit change the registy, and others all while NIS was protecting the system. Nothing got past CIS.

I made a post on the Remove-Malware forums saying this:

Are you thick? Do you think malware just sits in memory and does nothing? KIS couldn't prevent the infection. That's it. You can't say KIS is great because it can clean the computer AFTER. It couldn't prevent the infection, so it failed. Simple as that.

Using KIS’s Safe Run feature? That’s not the point of the tests. That’s not the point of any of these sorts of tests, even Matt’s. Malware is run directly. A good suite should protect you from that, not rely on you to manually run all executables in a complete virtualized sandbox. CIS can do that, but it obviously doesn’t need to.

By the tests, CIS did “win”. It prevented all the infections.

Dieselman deleted my post, then sent me a PM saying I should “watch my mouth”, and that there’ “no reason to tell people they are ■■■■■■■■.”

Of course he did, but he can’t do ■■■■ about it on youtube, he can’t ban me or anything. I can’t believe matt even lets him be part of the forum, I would have removed him so fast if it was my forum.

So, I reposted it and changed “thick” to “derp-de-derp”, but then he modified my post and removed that line completely.

Somebody’s butthurt.

Thank you Languy99, people do appreciate these reviews very much. These are real world experiences of a user testing security products, so very relevant.

I wish more people tested products rather than simply follow others who spread misinformation.

thank you again for your time!