KIS 2011 + CIS

Hi I’m on Windows 7 x64 with KIS 2011. I was wondering if I can install CIS under XP Mode? Or would it conflict with one n other? And if I can would I have to download CIS x64 or x32 for XP Mode?


First of all we do not recommend to run two complete suites at the same time. Too many changes of the programs getting in each others way.

You could try mixes of Comodo Firewall with KAV or Kaspersky Firewall with Comodo AV but other than that is for your own risk and responsibility. Remember that because of conflict you can end up with being less secure.

Why would you want to install CIS in XP mode? Are you trying to circumvent potential conflicts? The risk of conflicts is too big no matter in what compatibility mode you will be running CIS. On second thought. Are you referring here to the situation where you run XP virtualised in Win 7 Ultimate?


I read somewhere that XP Mode is x32 so the sandbox would work better right? Because x64 has that Kernel Patch Protection. So would I be able to install it under XP Mode with out conflicts?

I have no experience with running programs under XP Mode in Win 7. So I can only tell what I think is the case.

The workings of the sandbox as far as I understand are unrelated to whether you are using x86 (with kernel hooking) and x64 (without kernel hooking).

As far as I understand running programs in XP mode in Windows 7 these programs are run in the Microsoft Virtual PC virtual machine. It seems to when you would install CIS in XP mode it would only protect the virtual machine.

I will ask the other mods to share their wisdom on this.