Kiosk sandbox usable without Dragon and Silverlight?

During installation I de-selected installation of Dragon.
Furthermore MS Silverlight is not installed on my computer.

When I enter now Kiosk Mode (on Win7) a warning popsup that Dragon and Silverlight is not installed and that
I cannot get “FULL” power of Virtual Kiosk.

I urgently prefer to install as less overhead frills as possible. So I want to avoid installing Dragon and Silverlight.

Can I use Virtual Kiosk/sandbox anyway?

What are the restriction in this case? Just poor GUI?


Hi pstein,
Kiosk functions correctly without Dragon/Silverlight, the only thing you will not be able to select is tablet mode.
Just select no (Screenshot) and Kiosk will continue to load and function correctly.
Configuring the Virtual Kiosk

Kind regards.

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If no is selected with do not show this again checked, how to get the popup back?