Kingsoft PC Doctor 2012

I have read several reviews on Kingsoft, which looks very good software.

My only concern is that someone said the Cleaning and Optimization modes need to be used with care to avoid affecting the registry. Please elaborate if anyone knows more on this. There is also a Youtube link where the uploader is changing certain settings and ticking extra settings for optimum security protection.

I believe there is a Lite and Regular version of PC Doctor.

Further down the page it says “Full Download (Local Virus Lib Integrated)”.

The main link will be the Lite version, but does anyone have any further details on “Local Virus Lib”?

I have stayed clear of CCleaner, which looked very promising until I read that one owner had recently used it and it had messed up her registry, despite the option to use System Restore. After a lot of perseverance, she managed to revert her computer back to where it was. Most reviews have been very positive about this product, but that one currently makes me think twice about using it.

That page leads to Kingsoft Antivirus 2012, which is confusing. But, Kingsoft PC Doctor 2012 doesn’t sound like a Security Product. :-\

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Sorry. You’re right, for some reason it links to their anti-virus not PC Doctor.

I can’t find a Kingsoft link to PC Doctor, which I’d prefer to download from, to avoid the risk of potential malware, trojans, etc, which some, not all third party links have with downloads on their sites of products made by other companies.

I’m not sure which section Kingsoft PC Doctor belongs on Comodo. Please bear with me.

To close, they also have Kingsoft Office Suite Professional. I don’t know how reliable this is, but I’ve just re-come across this.

Thanks for the link. :slight_smile:

Ah, thank you. :slight_smile:

The site needs to link between different products within the same site, as upon first trying to seek it (and through a Google search), I couldn’t find it.

I shall also look into this product. I don’t know how Kingsoft compares with CCleaner for reliability and safety, but I’ve read generally very positive reviews about both products, including that at least one owner has both installed, so both are compatible and overlap to a point, and like some other types of products, where one misses some items, the other catches them. :slight_smile:

On the AV site click on Speed Up Your Computer in the bottom right of the AV graphic takes you to the PC Doctor and vise versa to return to the AV.

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No offence to Kingsoft, “Speed Up Your Computer” is a bit confusing and doesn’t give away it’s linking visitors to PC Doctor so I’d first thought they hadn’t linked between the anti-virus and PC Doctor.

Thanks for this information. :slight_smile:

Hopefully, it will just be a matter of time before Kingsoft also do a Windows 8 version. Like the others you, I and others have highlighted, PC Doctor also looks very good, as does their anti-virus, but as I already have AVG and plan to change to Comodo Internet Security when my anti-virus expires, I’ll just stick with PC Doctor.

How high is the level of false positives in its Registry and Optimization analyzing sections?

It’s said that these areas of PC Doctor are best used with caution due to false positives of an otherwise very good program.

  1. kingsoft pc doctor 3.7
  2. kingsoft antivirus 2012
    These both mostly like “Baidu PC Faster” in combinations. Since they’re both from China.
    I bet they might use the same engine as well as rising antivirus software.
    Beside I use both kingsoft softwares with comodo works very well.

I don’t need CCleaner anymore since I’ve kingsoft pc doctor and I use it with "Toolwiz Care."Beside CCleaner are shareware I don’t like trial products and I don’t waste my time to use crackedware either.

These days in my pc all I have is open source, full-fledge free products and freemium only.
All those trial products & cracks are banned from my computer forever.
From my concepts till now I ever get any virus anymore.