Kingsoft AV and Comodo AV toghether

Can I run Kingsoft av alongside Comodo av both in staeful on access as the former says to be compatible to other av softwares. I know it is poor detection but it can give an hand! What do you recommend or say? >:-D

Bad idea to run two AV products simultaneously in real time, regardless of which two products they are.

Comodo AV is enough I think, no need to install KAV with it.

Kingsoft AV 2012 is actually a great AV/cloud scanner. It uses two engines, one of which is Avira. It has great detection rates and other features (USB scanning). It runs rather smoothly with Comodo Firewall.

Strange! On Win7 64 bits both on stateful on access it just freezed the computer and I had compatibility issues!!!..
Are you just trying to promote a newbie product from China, with poor detection!!

Hi gdiloren,
I think there has been some slight misunderstanding,
I realise you was asking about the two AVs together.
I am sure kjdemuth isn’t trying to promote anything although slightly off topic (As you was asking about two AVs), all he was saying is that Kingsoft AV does have good detection rates and runs fine with Comodo firewall only.

Agrre! With Comodo Firewall it may go! :slight_smile:

Running two AV’s at the same time we advice against as a rule of thumb because of possible compatibility issues. That being said there may be cases where two AV’s can co exist but finding them is something for experienced users and for your own risk as it could lower your security.

It is good to have a layered security approach where various security techniques are used in tandem like a firewall, HIPS, AV, Behaviour blocker, DNS filtering for bad IP addresses, blocklist added to browser with f.e Spywareblaster…

I was thinking of using kingsoft also but i do have some reservations about this.
1.I dont wish to turn comodo av off.
2,it contains what appears to be a anti-hacker or firewall sort of module. will be using more bandwidth and subsequently may slow down browsing.
It seems an ok product but i dont want to turn off any comodo modules at all and yet it seems you have to for it to run correctly.

never heard of kingsoft anti virus. But running one antivirus at a time is enough.
Malwarebytes animalware pro and comodo run together perfectly.