Kingsoft Antivirus free ?

I’ve found this website via Twitter.
That was link to sofotex download website.
At first time I didn’t believe it’s free until I try to download it. (didn’t install yet.)

The download link was from

So I entered that site and found

It said this is free program unable to Purchase.

But it’s in BETA version.
I’m not sure it’s free in beta tester or forever.

Did someone tries ?

Kingston is said to be last in whatever comparative test e.g.:

If whatever antivirus should be used, and it is another question, and if it has to be free, all of these comparatives go for either Avira or Avast, why use something else?

Yeah, Kingsoft is the worst performer. So why go with worst performer when you can get CIS for free? :wink:

Kingsoft has a long journey of development…
It’s far behind the three big free “A” and CAV :slight_smile:

You two are right. So it have a lot of paid AV and develop for more than 20 yeara that worse than Kingsoft.
And I don’t wanna say it name.

Because They already said “The safest name in the world” Let’s guess 88)

You asked for advices and you got not ours, but those generally accepted by the security community.

We were not of course speaking of paid software, as we must only compare what can be compared.

But you are of course still free to use your Kingsoft thing if you think it, against the rest of the world, to be any better.

Sorry for my misunderstanding.
I would like to see the companion too.

check out the link in my signature, I have tested it.

it’s free and could-based

;D ;D ;D
No China