Kim Kommando and InstantSSL


Kim Kommando has had a daily give away around the Hollidays for the last 14 years. This year $80,000 in prizes.

What I noticed this year on the registration form at the bottom right was the certificate for Comodo InstantSSL.

Clicked on it and was very impressed with the Leading Companies listed at the bottom. Many very impressive names posted there.

At least for me, its not primarily the number of users that use the product, but the qaulity and respect those companies already have, that place their Trust in Comodo Products.

I glanced at the different ssl certificates many months back, SSL, DV, InstantSSL, etc.
Never really understood where the advantage would be for one certificate would be over another to warrant the change in cost.

Especially now since personnaly I don’t think I require any, but would love to be in a business position where an SSL certificate would be affordable and cost effective.