killtest results plus firewall suggestion: timed internet lock

Hello all. I have been using the Comodo firewall for a few months now and really love it. I have read nothing but positive reviews all over the internet about the firewall’s security. Besides passing pretty much every leak test available, Comodo was recently just one of three firewalls that received a passing grade on firewall “kill tests”.

This may be old news to some of you. But a kill test is : a direct and brutal firewall attack to disable its security. The tests were preformed by The only other two firewalls that received passing grades were Outpost Pro 4 and the Kaspersky Internet Security firewall. OP4 and KIS are outstanding firewalls and to have a free product in their security category certainly is something to be very proud of. I could not think of a firewall I would rather have (free or paid) than Comodo’s. A link to the firewall leak test results is below:

Now for my suggestion about Comodo’s firewall. Back when I used to have Zone Alarm there was a feature called “internet lock” included with the product. It is similar to Comodo’s “Block All” feature. But Internet Lock had a timer which was very, very handy. I have DSL and usually have my computer on, and connected to the internet, at all times. I am on the internet for some short while usually during evenings but that just means my computer is hooked up to the internet (with a static IP address) unattended to about 90% of a 24 hour day. Is there some way to tweak a future Comodo firewall release to have the “Block All” feature engage with a timer? Such a feature would add even more security to an already outstanding product. It would be much appreciated.

Thanks for making such a great product!!

Useful feature…
can you pls put this in our wishlist for the firewall in this forum. Our developers take input from that wish list.