killswitch sysinternals blatant rip off

Any comodo staff care to explain the full rip off of sysinternals’ Autoruns and ProcessExplorer? Every tab and feature, graphs, even text labels… the hell is this?

I was honestly shocked seeing this after I installed CIS6, after years of using COMODO I removed it all until I hear some explanation, this is shocking and unacceptable.

Both tools report on the same operating system so it should come as no surprise that they report on the same features in much the same way. AFAIK you can’t copyright an idea, only a process or a product.

They copied even the entire interface bit by bit, icons, layout, 100%, take a look at the screens in that thread.

Why ppl overreact about such things?

I don’t see this as shocking or unacceptable.

+1 !ot! :■■■■

Quite irrational.

Sysinternals is NOT a third party company that is vulnerable to a rip off.
It is the dominant force over Windows with armies of lawyers that protect all the rights that it chooses to claim for itself.

Windows Sysinternals is a Microsoft-owned repository for freeware utilities.

As most of these tools are small and lightweight, they are perfect to run directly from an online share. Now you can. Here is how to do it.

The program icons are the same since they are pulled from the programs, or the icons are built into dll’s in the Windows directory that can be accessed by any program.

If my memory serves me correctly, Killswitch was originally created from Process Hacker with the developers permission, so no Comodo did not copy or steal Sysinternals code or anything else, all they simply have done is use Process Hacker as a template and springboard to create there own, and for your information most these system/process tools all seem to be pretty much alike in looks and functionality, do a search for these tools and look at screenshots, better yet install and use them, they all pretty much variation on eachother 88)

Maybe instead of jumping the gun and having a rant here you could have done abit of research into Killswitch and these tools, and then posted a civil question asking Comodo why it looks similar to the Sysinternals one, I appreciate you got a bit hot under the collar, but this was not the right way to approach this 88)

Edit: Took a screenshot of Process Hacker forum as proof

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The post by AimeeLW has explained why the similarity in the products very well, thank you. :-TU
I don’t think any more explaining is required and I cannot see this topic positively progressing any further forward, so for this reason I am locking the topic.

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