Killswitch offline installation setup v12.0.0.6882

Hello all,

Where can Killswitch be downloaded from for offline installation to complete (or as part of) the offline CIS premium v12.0.0.6882 installation?

It seems Killswitch isn’t installed by the offline “cispremium_only_installer.exe” V12.0.0.6882 setup file. It is automatically downloaded on first use by clicking on Task->Containment Tasks->Watch Activity. That works, no problem there but it would be nice if I could install Killswitch offline too and that it integrates in CIS premium V12.0.0.6882.

So the question is: Where can I download the Killswitch v12.0.0.6882 setup file for offline installation for use with CIS premium V12.0.0.6882?

Thank you.

There is only the standalone CCE/killswitch/autoruns that you can download, otherwise you must use the watch activity or clean endpoint tasks to get the integrated version of CCE and killswitch.

So, if I understand it correctly then the CCE Killswitch standalone version, for which you provided the download link, doesn’t integrate into CIS premium automatically and as such it can only be used as a standalone application.
The integration of Killswitch into CIS premium can only be done by clicking Watch Activity or Clean Endpoint and downloading it from there.