Killswitch not work as admin

After 15 seconds I had opened the killswitch the windows bugreporter say comodo IS does not. I have no idear why it is not work.#

Can you please post a screenshot of this error? I don’t quite understand.

Also, can you please edit your first post so that it is in the format provided here? This will allow me to much better understand the situation, and if necessary submit this bug to the devs.


PM reminder sent.

I will now move this to the Non-Format Verified board.

Topics in this board are rarely looked at by the devs, and even if they are it is unlikely the devs can fix the bugs reported. The reason is that putting bug reports in the required format ensures that the devs have enough information to understand and identify the bug. Thus, without that format it becomes near impossible to replicate many bugs.

To get your report forwarded to the devs put your post in the required format, and send me a PM.

Thank you.

I used the registry cleaner, after this I was surprised that the bug was eliminated. javascript:void(0);

Maybe orther have the same problem with the registrie.
Information of my Notebook:

thank you

I’m very happy to hear that this bug is fixed. I’ll now move this to Resolved.