Killswitch memory/ram leak issue, takes up to 4gig ram

whenever i open killswitch from cce 2.3 beta or 1.6 stable the ram usage of killswitch starts at 150mb and grows up to 4 gig.
this happens everytime on both versions.

im running:
-windows 7 x64
-6gig ram

i dont have any problem running similar programs process hacker, process explorer…

Hi woomera,
CCE 2.3 is not a beta release, please confirm that you are using 2.3.219500.176.


my mistake, yes im using 2.3.219500.176 but i thought its beta.
so is the memory leak issue have any fix?

It will get fixed when herzhang gets the information he needs. Let’s wait for him to respond and see what more he needs to know.