Killswitch is running since 5min and grow up more than 700MB of RAM !!!
See the attachment

I’m using Windows 8 64bits with 4gb of RAM ( 3gb in real because killswitch take 1gb for him )

How can i solve it ?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Is this the standalone version of KillSwitch or the KillSwitch that comes with CIS V 6.0?

with CIS 6.0 the memory is there to but start to 140MB , i stop it after 200Mb of memory used

I saw the sorting doesn’t work in network part.
I can not sort by port or by state, in clickon the header but nothing happened…

If this exists for the version that comes with V 6.0 please create a bug report in this section. Be sure to use the format provided in this topic.