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Hi all

With the new GUI a lot (most) of the data that could be viewed easily in V.5… now needs to be accessed via killswitch.
I have previously only used killswitch for basic tasks like checking cpu usage of a particular program or checking program ratings.
Previously if I needed to check say my VPN connection all it took was a glance at summary to see active connections, source IP, destination, protocol, amount of data sent, etc, right now I need to dig deep into killswitch/network/network utilization or view/select columns/then a mass list of options to try and find basic info, even then I cant seem to find source IP, destination IP, basically whats connecting on what IP as in screenshot.
I really like the detail in killswitch, I just need some help navigating and finding the data I need…
Am I alone in this ?

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No, lots of other users including myself are also missing the summary page and its useful information.

i have comodo 6.0 and cant even find the kill switch. where is it?

It’s under “Advanced Tasks”, and the button for it is labeled “Watch Activity”.

ok,found it and d.l. it,stupid question, what is it for?

KillSwitch is part of Comodo Cleaning Essentials. Please see this page.

i got kill switch from comodo icon on top right of screen. i went undet “tasks” and one of the task i clicked…it downloaded kill switch. its not a folder its part of my cis

ok…i ran cleaning essentials… is this thing any different than ccleaner? because i have ccleaner all ready.

CCleaner is essentially for removing junk files. Comodo Cleaning Essentials is for detecting and removing malware from asystem. Thus, they have two very different functions.

thank you.

ok so kill switch works aginst malware, i have maleware antimalwarebites. is killswitch better than,same,or worse than malware anti malware? because i dont need 2. wondering what one to uninstall.

Both of them work entirely different. Malwarebytes scans for known malware, and is very effective against new malware.

KillSwitch examines your running processes, and categories them as either known safe, known bad, or unknown. Thus, you can use KilSwitch to check if your computer is infected with malware which is not yet recognized, as if malware is not already caught as dangerous it will certainly be flagged as unknown. For more information about how to use KillSwitch, and a few other tools, to ensure that your computer is not infected please see my article here. Also, as KillSwitch only runs when you manually start it, there will be no conflict between KillSwitch and Malwarebytes.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


ah,thanks so much

No problem. Let me know if you have any other questions.