KillSwitch doesn't like Dexpot

I’ve just downloaded and installed COMODO Cleaning Essentials v2.3.219500.176_x32 under Windows 7 Pro.
I’m using a program called Dexpot, which is a virtual desktop for Windows ( I’m using the lastest stable version which is : v1.5.8 build 2098.

I’ve configured my system to replace the Windows-Task-Manager with KillSwitch.
It’s working good BUT opening KillSwitch pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc “crash” my desktop 2 / 3 times: deskopt icons disappear, opened program seems to be force closed, icon who are near the windows clock are closed, etc…

If I open KillSwitch by right-clicking on the Task Bar and selecting ‘Task Manager’ from the pop-up menu, there is absolutly no problem.

thanks for reading me.

Fred Martin