Kido infection by USB passed thru Comodo

Strange situation!
2 pc, both protected with Comodo, one of them is open to Kido infection passed thru an infected USB key, in the second one Comodo AV module advise about infection when i plug the USB key on it and block them.

The “open” system has the Comodo updated version 3.13.121240.574 with database virus version 3457, the “good one” has Comodo version 3.9.76924.507 with database virus version 1538.

I tried also with the defense+ Paranoic setup but the system was infected too.

Can someone explain how can this happens ?

Infections are fully cared every time with the Kaspersky tool and then with some registry changes.



I just post so i can find this thread later.

Can you PM me a link to download kido please?


On a side note to your problem. Please disable the autorun of devices on both systems.

Shouldn’t need to disable autorun. I have autorun enabled and both CIS and AntiVir detect Kido for me…

IT’s definitely safer to do so in case of a new malware that has no detection yet. There have been some problems with inconsistencies with detection that may play a role in lucmonc’s problem.

At lucmonc. Please update CIS on the computer with 3.9. It doesn’t get av updates anymore. It is best to do a clean install of 3.13 and not to import the old configuration due to changes under the hood.