Kicked off internet

I keep getting kicked off the internet since I downloaded the Comodo firewall…I don’t think it is allowing my IP address to renew. How do I fix this??

I have the same problem. The network connection is dropped, and repairing it doesn’t work because Comodo doesn’t let the computer refresh the ip address.

If I temporarily allow all traffic from Comodo, the dhcp query goes through (and everything is ok for a while), so it’s definetly a problem with the firewall.

Seems that in my case at least, the fault isn’t in Comodo, but in the paranoid system administrator :wink:
I had blocked svchost from making any connections. Unfortunately, this program also handles the dhcp queries.

I fixed the problem by allowing UDP out on port 67, and UDP in on port 68. Maybe this will help you as well.