KGB archiver

Comodo detects the file stubzip.exe, which is part of the KGB archiver (, as “Unclassified Malware@8335454”. I tried to submit the file for analysis with CIMA twice, but it was not able to scan it properly according to the report:
• File Info
Name Value
Size 153600
MD5 ade9c3ec7e291b60b9c43a5d47cdffd3
SHA1 b79445d565080193e3dbdf812b525472901b4802
SHA256 73c082ebbcafae3a9f907167671558b13d689d637f47048990f426fd3bdaf808
Process Failed
• Verdict
Auto Analysis Verdict
Not Rated as Suspicious�

Does anybody know if this really could be a harmful executable, or is this just because Comodo does not fully “understand” the algorithm?
Many thanks in advance for your help.

Have you tried submitting to VirusTotal to see what it thinks?

If you feel it is a false positive, you can report it as mentioned here.
How to report False Positives/Suspicious Files & How to Submit them

Thank you very much for your speedy reply :slight_smile:
I tried submitting to VirusTotal several times, but always got the same error:

Please report failure as: ErrorTime= “Apr 09 22:21:45”

I will now try to submit it as a suspicious file.

Thanks for your help

Hmmm… It’s interesting that you get errors on both upload sites. Perhaps the file in question is corrupt? Does the software function as it should?

Please submit it by email to


Ewen :slight_smile:

I submitted the installers.
Will post the results when I get them.
thanks for the help