Does anybody use it and if so what are your views on it?

I use it, and can say it’s worth using, only problem is after using it for a while it can go a bit funny (but this is after hours and hours of use) by showing the encrypted keys instead of the keys you type in and the encryption working in the background.

For free who can complain? Cannot comment on the paid version, but it does support more programs which is all I can say on that one…

So what fixes it restarting your browser or a computer restart?

Just a browser restard usually, it’s not a major problem and does not happen all the time, only if you got Tab upon Tab of windows open for hours at a time, that’s all.

Hope this helps… :wink:

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You’re welcome mate. :wink:

Hi guys,

keyscrambler(s) should not be considered as panacea and are basically just a “ostrich like hiding its head into the sand”.
Please don’t be over-paranoid … nothing helps anyway ;D

None of those are protecting you - the encryption ends as soon as data have to go outside, so it can be intercepted

There are several discussions in the forum e.g.;msg282470#msg282470

Use normal add-on(s) for passwords encryption in Firefox if you want and that’s all you need


Siber, would you say it’s more safe to use a virtual keyboard then for typing in such passwords. It’s not a case of being paranoid, as I don’t get too worried. It’s just a case of better safe than sorry, prevention is better than the cure and all that. LOL.

AyeAyeCaptain ,

I’m not saying that you are paranoid. That was a matter of a figurative speech
Please don’t get me wrong

That is a truth though, which may apply to people, who really are, and nobody would deny that there is such a category / personalities … unfortunately.

I was never considering a virtual keyboard (VKB) as a security Tool.
I am using 3 languages and one of the additional languages (Russian) is imprinted as a second set on the keyboard.
Sure, the VKB can be used as a security measure, but it brings some inconvenience – you have to mouse click – that is just making it harder for the “virtual malware” to intercept the input… but “harder” means one thing that all are kinda forgetting when are talking about those keylogging & alike stuff …
That means that they are presuming – the keylogger is already there or can somehow mysteriously get in there.
Well, either one doesn’t have required security to prevent that or somebody deliberately installed the keylogger. Some sick people are doing that.
(yes, I do call them sick, even those who are saying that it’s done for “parental control” !ot!)

As for the passwords that I mentioned and you asked about I would not worry about those too unless you know that you Personal Computer is not really “personal” and somebody can use it
In this case it is not bad idea to use some existing password protection features.
So that is mainly for internal use rather than a concern that my password(s) will be intercepted and sent outside.
Having HIPS and much better a strong Behavioural Blocker plus just common password protection should cover the keyloggin concerns.

My personal opinion – there is no need for additional “sophisticated” layer specifically for that… which anyway can be tricked (am I repeating myself? - yes ;D )


For better password security under firefox you can use one of the following:

Lastpass (this is what I use)

Secure Login

Keepass + Keyfox

Personally, I don’t see the point in keyScrambler, but that’s just my opinion.

That LastPass add-on is very interesting.

Anyone knows this rootkit detector? Resplendence Software - SanityCheck, Advanced Rootkit and Malware Detector