KeyScrambler Support...

This is my first post here so I’d like to say hello to everyone in addition to thanking Comodo for all of their wonderful products they make available for free.

With that said: I’m really liking Comodo Dragon and have been using it for some time now but I would like to see KeyScrambler support the Dragon in their next release. They support Chrome, ChromePlus, and SWIron, but sadly there is no support for Comodo Dragon.

Personally, I like the added bit of security that KeyScrambler Premium offers. As a result, I have emailed the devs of KeyScrambler and asked them to support Comodo Dragon in their next release, however I think there would be a better chance of this happening if the good folks at Comodo would make a request to the developers of KeyScrambler as one dev to another.

Could someone from Comodo please contact the KeyScrambler team and request support for this excellent browser? It would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for this excellent browser and all the other things you have provided us for free. I look forward to future revisions.

best regards,


Just a FYI…

For the heck of it and just to experiment; I duplicated the dragon.exe in the root directory and renamed it chrome.exe.

When running Comodo Dragon using the copied chrome.exe instead of the dragon.exe KeyScrambler recognizes it, the keystrokes are encrypted and the browser still show up as Comodo Dragon.

In addition, everything works just fine including all 32 of the extensions I have installed.

If you own KeyScrambler and want your keystrokes encrypted while using Comodo Dragon give it a try. It works perfectly.



Seems like a bug with KeyScrambler. have you reported to their Devs?

it has been updated, KeyScrambler works with dragon.