Keyscrambler add-on for Firefox

I have Firefox and I was using the Keyscrambler Add-on.

After installing CPF3, Firefox would not shut down properly, and was still showing firefox.exe as an active process in Task Manager. After playing with my firefox profile, and removing various add-ons, I discovered that removing the Keyscrambler Add-on fixed this, and firefox now shuts down completely.


(1) How can I configure CPF3 to solve this compatibility problem with Keyscrambler?

(2) If not, what protection (comparable to Keyscrambler) is contained within CPF3?

Thank you.

CFP3 has protection against keyloggers.
I have never used keyscrambler so i don’t know anything about that program.
I’m gonna install it and see if it works for me.

I’ve heard about this issue with Keyscrambler previously in the forums, but no news yet.

KS protects you against spying by keyloggers already installed and running in your machine. CFP’s Denfense+ protects you from their being installed in the first place.

Wow! This new version of Comodo can’t get along with anything. So far it will not work with my SpySweeper and now KeyScrambler which is a great extention for Firefox. Please, resolve these issues ASAP.

Thanks for answers everyone!

In the end, I had to keep Keyscrambler off my system as I could not find any way for it to play nice with Firefox and CPF3. While I appreciate that CPF3’s HIPS can keep software keyloggers off my system, it can’t defeat hardware keyloggers, or sniffers at Public wireless access points. (For what it’s worth, I found an alternative solution to encrypt data at public access points - it’s called HotSpot Shield, a VPN solution, and it works OK with CPF3.)

I hope this becomes a priority for the Comodo team to fix. I’m going to find Keyscrambler’s forum and comment there as well.

Thanks again.