Hi guys,

Please bear with me as I am new and not much of an security expert. I tried searching a bit on keyloggers here in the forums but did not really find what I was looking for (maybe because I simply do not understand:-)

Anyway, I have installed comodo firewall as I understood it can detect keyloggers with the defense+ mode enabled. Now I believe everything is running and despite a billion pop ups which I believe is normal, everything seems to be fine. However, is the program searching for keyloggers as per default when the defence+ is on or should something be enabled or perhaps a scan or something carried out?

Also, not that I really know if the windows firewall protects against something Comodo does not, but are the two systems working simultanously and can they ever get in conflict?


Comodo doesn’t scan for keyloggers, except with the AV. What it does is let you know if a program is attempting to access the keyboard (this is if the sandbox is disabled). Thus, theoretically, any keyloggers will be foiled as they can’t access the keyboard to log your keystrokes.

I think it’s probably best if you disable Windows Firewall. There may be some conflicts between them, I’m not sure, but Comodo does a much better job anyway. You don’t gain anything by leaving Windows Firewall enabled.

Aren’t you taking your wishes for the reality?

A little bit. ;D That post was the reason I inserted the word theoretically into my response. I’m hoping this is a bug that will be quickly fixed.

Still though, I haven’t seen any evidence that anything can be sent from your computer to another one unless you allow a firewall alert. Thus if you don’t allow the program to send information out your information is still safe.

Theoretically… ;D