Keyboards 'dirtier than a toilet'

How about yours? ;D

I read that somewhere else too! Scary, but I guess the germs boost the immune system too. Did you read the part about women? Lol

Microorganisms are a part of our life, so why even bother about them? The immune system will handle them.
I’ve had my current keyboad for like 2 years, and I haven’t cleaned it a single time. I haven’t had a single disease (not even a cold) for around 2-3 years, so maybe the keyboard bacterias boost your immune system!
Or maybe it’s just all chocolate and popcorn I eat (:LOV)


LOL… this is so true!!!

At least we bleach the toilets every so often!!! but keyboards… shheeesh…


I wonder why that is. Women are dirtier than men?? 88)

“If you look at what grows on computer keyboards, and hospitals are worse, believe it or not, it’s more or less a reflection of what’s in your nose and in your gut”
I’m afraid to touch my keyboard now. :slight_smile:

here is the solution!! :slight_smile:


ahh, just what the doctor ordered!! (:CLP)

If you want a keyboard free from microorganisms, clean it by using Chlorhexidine or some other antiseptic stuff. Or use 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin, but make sure that you don’t drink it (:WIN)


I cleaned mine using my workplace’s air compressor and also manually pryed each key to deep clean it earlier this year. New Year’s resolution :slight_smile:

I keep my friends dirt out of the system thanks to Firefox w. NoScript and CFP w. D+, but it’s difficult to keep their dirty fingers away. Out of all friends, there are only two I can tell “wash your hands before using the keyboard, man”. Last week a friend even borrowed hair wax and skipped washing his hands - unbelievable! I told him “haven’t you forgot something”, then he want washing his hands with water only (no soap)… luckily he stayed away from the keyboard.

Of course there are a lot of my very own dirt, though, on the keyboard. ;D


Just wrap your keyboard around with a grocery bag or something then

I don’t look at my keyboard when typing, assume you memorized all the keys by now 88)

LOL, it’s really funny that you mention it because I’ve been thinking before parties in my apartment: should I cover the keyboard with this

or should I put a box of these next to the keyboard…

I always end up leaving it intact and hoping for no one to use my computer. After all I’m a gambler. (:LGH)


The plastic wrap suits you better because you’re the clean freak king: nothing can get in or – out. “Dust bunnies, go away!”

No surprise to me. At our college, there are people sneezing, coughing, picking their noses, and god knows what else, then they touch the keyboards. (:AGY) I suggested hand sanitizer in every class room but it got shot down. Wait till I teach there next year, then I’m raising heck. Not like they can’t afford it. I also see kids and adults touching the keyboards, then pick up a sandwich and chew away w\o washing their hands. Yum, so did that ■■■ sandwich taste good? Hambooger anyone? ■■■ and carrots? Or my favorite, Sneezers Salad. Cripes, I think no one was taught personal hygiene by the looks of it.

Ok, normal germs will happen anyway, but some measures to keeping things like this clean should be taken into consideration, like NOT cleaning the keyboard with spit. :-\


Hey Paul, this is for you ;D

Public/shared computers are the worst. Really disgusting…

Today I wiped off the whole computer carefully with a dish rag, so now I’m sitting here a bit more fresh.


Thanks! Will put them to good use immediately :slight_smile: (:KWL)