Keyboard not working after using the uninstaller tool

Hi everyone !
I used the uninstaller tool to remove comodo from my computer.
After that I rebooted it and it turned out that my keyboard isn’t working anymore.
The login screen is displaying well but I can’t enter my password and I can’t use the touchpad as well.
Did it also happen to anyone ? How did you guys do to fix it ?

my computer: dell latitude
my system: windows 7

thanks !!!

I just want to be sure, have you tried rebooting again?

Do you have any other mouse or keyboard you could try?

Yes I rebooted my computer after that but the keyboard of my laptop still doesn’t work, neither the touchpad !!
There’s no other problem with the system !
Currently I’m using a USB keyboard that I connect to my laptop and it works !
Do you think I have to reinstall the keyboard’s driver ?

I’m not sure why this would happen, as you say reinstalling your keyboard drivers might fix it.