Keyboard monitoring causes high CPU in Apoint process in CIS 3.5.53896.424x32

I was asked to post a bug report here by Josh (3xist). Here is the original thread that has information from other users as well:

I think I’ve covered everything in the “How to submit bug reports” with the below info. Let me know if anything is missing.

  1. My CPU is 32 bit - Intel Pentium M processor 1.70 Ghz

  2. Operating System is Windows XP MCE SP3

  3. I am currently only running CIS - version 3.5.53896.424 32bit. I installed all components, including Antivirus, and the browser toolbar. Before installing this version, I fully uninstalled both my previous Comodo Firewall and my previous antivirus program and rebooted.

  4. Running Comodo (both current version and prior versions) causes CPU on the Apoint.exe process to average 50%. Without Comodo, this process never goes above 2% and is usually at 0%. Apoint is the Alps Touch Pad process and controls mouse functions on my laptop. My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 6000 and my Alps driver version is From the previous thread I referred to, I learned that the problem was with a Defense+ setting. If “Keyboard” is checked on the Monitor Settings tab, this bug occurs. Unchecking it seems to solve the problem for everyone who has posted.

I have figured out one other thing - I don’t know if this is the only situation, maybe others can chime in - but the problem seems to occur for me with internet traffic. I originally thought the bug occurred immediately upon bootup, but then I repeatedly monitored exactly when it occurred and I realized it was always after my Trillian program connected to my accounts. You probably are familiar with Trillian, but in case not, it is IM software and I have it set to startup immediately after boot and connect to my yahoo and msn accounts. When I disabled Trillian to test this, I found that the Apoint CPU did not jump up right after boot. What first caused it to jump up (with Trillian disabled) was when I opened a web browser. With any browser open or with Trillian connected, the Apoint CPU stayed up.

I did notice a slight change between the problem on the previous Comodo version I was using (v3.0.25.378) and the new CIS 3.5. On the previous version, if Keyboard monitoring was disabled, Apoint CPU immediate dropped to 0% and never went above 2%. Now it drops to around 10% and shoots up to 20 here and there. I’m just going to copy and paste my last post from the previous thread here:

"I installed the new version and still have the issue. At first I thought it had improved but then when I went and checked the defense settings, I found that keyboard monitoring was disabled by default. When I enabled it, Apoint CPU shot back up to 40-60%.

Btw, the Apoint cpu was up a bit even with keyboard monitoring disabled. With Comodo not installed, Apoint stays at 0-2% on my machine. With Comodo latest 3.5 version installed (I did install the whole thing, including antivirus) at the default settings, Apoint was between 10-20%. And then as I said, with keyboard monitoring enabled (no other changes from default) it shot up to 40-60%."

  1. Disabling Keyboard monitoring (which I don’t want to do). Killing the Apoint process and installing a generic mouse driver which severely limits mouse function (also don’t want to do this).

  2. See #4 for some configuration changes I made after installing. My present configuration is the default (Defense+ set to Clean PC Mode, Firewall set to Safe Mode and Virus scanning enabled) plus the following changes: under Defense+ I’ve checked all boxes under Monitor Settings; under Firewall Settings - Alert Settings, I’ve unchecked “This computer is an internet connection gateway.”

  3. N/A

  4. My account is the Administrator account.

I can confirm the same issue - high CPU Load in Apoint.exe, ALPS Driver (Touchpad).

Machine: Dell Inspiron 8600 - 32 Bit, Centrino, 2GHz, Windows XP, SP3, All updates/patches
Comodo: All options installed and enabled, v3.5.53896.424 x32
Alps Driver Version:

I have exactly the same symptoms as reported. Comodo Defense+ v3.0, with Keyboard Monitoring disabled would use maximum 2% of the CPU. With Comodo Defense+ 3.5, CPU load varies between 5% to 20% even with Keyboard Monitoring disabled. Enabling Keyboard Monitoring, and the machine CPU load-wise is crippled.

From what I have tried and tested with various settings, solely the Keyboard Monitor option appears to affect the CPU Load.

I can confirm absolutely identical operation, and can (am) submit an identical report as posted by “jpr”.

After using the new version(3.5) without defenxe+ enabled for a while, I thought lets give it a try again with Defense+.
I turned Defense+ on and apoint immediately went to ±20%. After turning off “keyboard” under advanced settings it went down to 2-5%. But after a while it started switching up and down from 1-2% to 16% and above.
now I completely disabled defense+ (not ‘deactivate Defense+ permenantly’ under advanced settings) and apoint is at, and stays at, 0% procent.

I can confirm the same experience as the people above.

I still use the same hard- and software as before.


I am having the same frustrating problem. Apoint.exe averages 15-25% CPU at idle. It seems to occur when a web browser, Firefox or IE, is in use. I just recently upgraded from Firefox 2 to Firefox 3, but the problem didn’t resolve. I can confirm that when keyboard monitoring is off, CPU usage for apoint.exe goes back to normal levels, 0-2%. For now I’ve turned off keyboard monitoring, but I really don’t want to do this permanently. Whats the status on the fix for this?

Dell Inspiron 6000
Pentium M 2 Ghz,
Windows XP SP3, 32 bit, current updates to 11/09/08
Alps Driver:
Comodo version: 3.5.54375.427 Firewall and Defense+ on Safe Mode
Avira AntiVir Personal:
Sandboxie: 3.30
Webrowser: Firefox 3.0

Hi, I have a Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop with WinXP SP3 and had the same problem as everybody reported. By Googling I came upon a newer Alps touchpad driver:

After upgrading the driver, the problem seems to be gone (so far so good for several hours). Apoint.exe uses 0-1% cpu according to task manager even with keyboard monitoring on. So if you feel adventurous, give it a try. I have my finger crossed.

I looked for updates to the Alps Touchpad driver for my Inspiron 6000, which earlyadaptor found helped with the Inspiron 8200. I found one that wasn’t exactly new (Jan 2006). I installed it anyway, but it didn’t solve the high CPU usage by apoint.exe. In fact, after watching it for about 15 min the usage seems to be 20-30%, which is a bit higher than what it was before. It may be that the solution is only for the 8200. Since I only checked it for 15 min and only by toggling the Keyboard monitor function on/off, can someone else confirm this with a more in depth analysis? Anyways, has anyone found a different solution to this or does anyone know if Comodo is working on a solution?

Edit: I forgot to mention, as I reported before, the usage didn’t shoot up until a web browser was up and running. So apoint.exe CPU usage was 0-2% without a web browser, and 20-30% with a web browser running.