KEYBOARD is going nuts

all of a sudden i’m having the following problems

keyboard will not type
cursur blinks like cazy
when i try to type instead of words things open like my favorites, history etc
it will delete everything i type automatically
eveything highlites blue when i hit space bar
so much more…
my kb will not work

now everything is tiny on my windows b/c instead of scolling my mouse ball messed with the font

also caps keeps going on and off

it’s just not working, please help me. i have no clue what has happend. it just happend an hour or so ago…

9 times out of 10 keyboard problems are caused by the plug being loose (check connection)… or for the newer, wireless, ones the batteries are failing (check batteries).

Messed with the font? How?

i tried the plug, still havin the problems…

instead of scrolling down, when i used the mouse ball tHing it made my font small, very small…

You may need to reboot for keyboard problems to resolve, it’s dependent on the motherboard really.

Font: Do you mean the web page font? Also… are the actions of your mouse being impacted as well?

i keep trying to reply with things but it’s taking a very long time to type a full word! i have 0 control over my keyboard now. instead of going “back” my back button makes sqaures. i tried to reboot… i can not click anything, it makes the entire page blue… yes the web page font

Mouse OK? Is this only impacting your browser?

also just now…when i click on reply or anything else it opens in a new tab (i havnt change any settings) AND when i click on stuff on my destop it opens in a new window EVERY time…

system widE…mouse is not too much affectd i guess. i can click things after a few tries

What type of keyboard is it? Age? Keys can become stuck down when they’re dirty. Given what you just described, opening tabs & windows, etc… I sounds like one of the shift or control keys is either stuck down or busted. Check 'em… make sure they have full movement, etc…

not sure of age etc but keys seem to be fine. this just happend while i was online. my font is almost to small to sEE nOw

What browser do you have?

Sorry, couldn’t resist. ;D

Does the problem stop if you go off-line?

Just go buy a new one and get a USB keyboard. Very cheap. I have a Logitech G15 Gaming keyboard but you dont need to spend that much.