Keyboard input for popups

I was just rearranging my USB ports, shifting my mouse to a new hub. Defense+ triggered a popup to allow Services to modify the registry keys for USB items, which is fine by me. However, because my mouse drivers were being installed on the new USB address, the mouse wasn’t available.

At this point I tried to use the keyboard to intereact with the Defense+ popup. I could task switch to and from the popup, but with the popup in focus, nothing I pressed seemed to change the popup. Does anyone know of any key combinations which work with the popups?

I don’t think you can interact with the popups with anything but the mouse.

I agree that this is a big problem that should be changed. For example I’ve had problems in the past when using a new mouse. Defense+ prompted me to allow the driver to be installed, but I couldn’t answer the popup because the mouse wasn’t installed.

You can post this as a wish here: