Keyboard disabled with Comodo Firewall running

I cannot seem to find any way to resolve this issue. The second I shut down Comodo, the keyboard (Microsoft, corded, USB) works, when I start Comodo, the keyboard does not work.

I upgraded the machine to the latest build, but the same issue persists. What could be the issue?

Let me add something here…

The user called me a couple weeks ago and told me was browsing TSN sports, but a video wouldn’t display and it was acting funny. Then there was a Comodo popup, and he wasn’t sure what to do, so he clicked terminate. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Comodo Firewall, and then upgraded to the latest build, and this issue still persists.

One thing I don’t like about Comodo is the lack of an area to view blocked requests or processes with a simple manner of allowing them. Occasionally, an AV app will not be able to get out upon installation, and I will have to manually add it as a trusted app. This task should be a bit more user friendly. Back when ZA was cool, you could see a list of installed apps an their block/allow setting…I would love to see that in Comodo.

You can see blocks in View Defense + Events and View Firewall Events.

As for the problem with the USB keyboard. Uninstall the keyboard driver in Device Manager, use the mouse to let Device Manager look for new devices and see what happens.

I have the opposite problem. I cant install games or applications if Comodo is turn off. If it is on i can do the installation. I got so annoyed i uninstall it and put in the old version.

So can anyone suggest to me how to fix this or is this part of the new version.

Hello genec. Please start your own topic for this. That way this topic will not divert and yours will the attention it deserves. When starting a new topic also explain how you disabled CIS.