Keyboard disabled and Windows failing to shut down properly

Hi all,

I installed Comodo free firewall. It disabled my keyboard and stopped Windows 8 from shutting down properly.

After a lot of trouble with my laptop, I uninstalled Comodo, but the problem persisted. Then I uninstalled Geek Buddy and the other program that comes with the firewall. Still no luck. I had to do a system restore.

Is this common? Has this been reported before? Is there an easy fix, cos I’d like to use Comodo.


This is not normal. Nor have I had a bug report like this submitted.

My guess is that something went wrong during the installation. If you like you can try installing CIS once more. However, before you do please follow the advice given in this topic. It includes advice on making sure that all old remnants of CIS, and any other anti-malware products, are removed so as to reduce any potential conflicts.

I’ll move this topic to the HELP section of the forum so that if anything goes wrong you can respond to this topic and quickly receive helpful advice. Let me know how it goes.

Thank you.