keyboard cursor visibility

Is there a way to display the location of the keyboard cursor on a webpage as it can be done in Firefox? I looked for a plugin but so far I haven’t found anything. I am linking text in Wikipedia and using their anchor system. Firefox shows me the cursor at the anchor location in a the body of text for reference purposes. Would this be possible?

Are you looking for such a function in another browser or for programs running under Windows?

I would prefer some kind of a function (javascript), or a CSS function which would be installed in Comodo Dragon and not OS dependent.

One of Firefox’s advanced options is “Always use the cursor keys to navigate within pages”. and this option displays the cursor on a webpage. Even if it’s of no use as a traditional cursor because there is no text field to be typed into, nevertheless it blinks and is text aware. By that I mean that it is movable around the page with the keyboard arrows. This is an example:

where there is a superscripted numeral “1” in the fourth line of the paragraph. When the user clicks on this, it’s a “hyperlinked” using Wikimedia’s wiki language and it opens the reference entry on this page:

at this text: Page 125 (1). — Among the most ancient of these establishments we find the Havana, Puerto del Principe, Trinidad, St. Salvador, and Matanzas, or the Slaughter`, so called from a massacre of the Spaniards there by the Indians. — Bernal Diaz, Hist. de la Conquista, cap. 8.

and the cursor is visible and blinking at the beginning of text Page 125 (1).

This option is further enhanced by a FF addon named “Auto Cursor” which forces the cursor to appear at all times, because option setting alone is not 100% reliable.