Keyboard access to the program

Folks, in my line of work, I set up dozens of computers every year for blind people to use. I have been installing Zone Alarm on these computers and am willing to try Comodo. However, I had a MAJOR setback this morning, that will not be an easy fix … unless I am missing something.

It appears to me from using Comodo Firewall for about 10 minutes, that the program is mouse-dependent. The designers have not made the interface universally accessible and ONLY mouse users can access many features.

Standard Windows menus ALWAYS have keyboard alternatives, and very rarely do third-party programs keep that functionality when they graphically design their own interface. Comodo is not unique in this, and this makes my job tougher.

Since blind people don’t use mice to select items on screen (they often use the tab key to go through all selectable items on a page) this means that I may have hit a brick wall here.

Am I missing something? Do I have to stick with ZoneAlarm for several more months?

Eager to learn …