Keyboard accent timing

Well i’m not sure how it’s properly called.

Let’s say i’m using french canadian keyboard.
When I type “" + "a" + " " I get "à
When I type “`” + “a” + pause + " " I get "à "

Same thing happens for “¸”+“c”+“a” = “ç¸a”
And a few other accent.

This thing is new with vista never happened in xp.
I solved this once by passing from English(Canada) to French(Canada)
But now this solution doesnt seeam to work.

Change are a windows update (ie8) and install of setpoint to fix a thing with mouse.
I’ll try to uninstall setpoint but I beleive it worked yesterday with it…

I have no idea what is different from the timing in the two locale or in what file / registry entry it would be.
I also have no idea how to properly call that thing so search on the net.

Lol, I have exactly the same problem, but in every browser

Anyone that can help ?


I am not sure if it is the same thing but I have seen Windows spontaneoulsy change keyboard in XP, Vista and Win 7 say a couple of times per week or so.

In my case it changes from US-International to Dutch keyboard… I have no idea what causes is and if it is the same thing the two of you are eperiencing.

Hi Eric,
Does this issue occurs even After disabling the shortucts for switch languages ?

Erik, simply delete the english support, so that you only have the dutch one. That fixed it for me :slight_smile:
Note : that doesn’t fix the main problem in this topic tough